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Home News Tips For Keeping Mice and Rats Out of Your Home for Good 

Tips For Keeping Mice and Rats Out of Your Home for Good 

Did you notice anything move quickly across the floor from the corner of your eye? Have you been hearing strange scuttling after the lights are turned out, or are you always discovering little nibble bites on your furniture and food?

All of these signs might point to the presence of a rat or mouse in your home. Rodents are more likely to enter your house in search of a warm spot to sleep, and they will seize any chance to get into your area. Follow these recommendations to prevent rats and mice from entering your home. Furthermore, people in Burke can learn more about finding some of the highest quality pest control in Burke by contacting a professional pest control agency today.

What are rats? 

Obviously, most people are familiar with rats, but let us go over where they are most usually found, what they look like, what they eat, and more!

Rats are regularly found across the United States, and while they vary in size and color, they are typically 5 to 10 inches long with long, beady eyes and scaly tails. There have been stories of rats weighing as much as 6 or 7 pounds, although they are often considerably smaller.

According to the government-published Integrated Taxonomic Information Report. There are approximately 50 species of rats in the United States, although they all appear rather similar.

Keeping rats away 

The most effective strategy for keeping rats away is to first keep these pests out of your home. Once an infestation begins, they are difficult to eradicate. Here are some things you may do to keep rats out of your house permanently. 

  • Seal all entry points. 

Rats can fit through openings the size of a quarter. Check your home for any openings that size or larger. Seal them up with the correct materials. These include hardware cloth, steel wool, cement, caulk, and plaster. If there are big cracks in your doors and windows, weatherstrip them. Sealing these access sites is one of the most efficient methods of rodent management!

  • Remove food sources. 

Rats are resourceful. They will locate items to eat on your property, so you must be vigilant in dealing with them. Always cover garbage cans. Harvest vegetables from your garden and trees when they ripen. Pick up and compost any fruits and veggies that fall to the ground. Feed outside pets during the day, and do not leave any leftover food lying about. Do not store pet food outside unless it is in rodent-proof containers. Rodents will utilize every access point they can find in quest of food, therefore limiting their food sources to maintain efficient rodent control! 

  • Install door sweeps to cover the gaps.

By installing door sweeps at the bottom of your doors as thresholds, you can stop the rodents from squeezing themselves under the doors and entering your house. Even though sealing all entry points helps, installing door sweeps could be extra security to save your house from rodents invading and making their nests in all corners, making your house theirs.

For more information on how to get rid of rodents, contact a professional pest control today.

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