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Home Technology Choosing the Best Industrial Label Printers: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the Best Industrial Label Printers: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you work in manufacturing plants, logistic companies, or e-commerce industries with significant labelling needs? Yet, still rely on outsourcing them? Consider industrial label printers if the answer to the above two questions is a big yes

Industrial label printers mark products with unique brand names, logos, barcodes, QR codes, warning signs and product information. Industrial label printers can rescue tiring labelling processes in a large industrial setting. 

This blog will help you explore the world of industrial label printers and their importance in various industries. We will also guide you with some of the best label printers available. 

Why Use Industrial Label Printers?

Think of any industry, and label printers stand intact in their position. From e-commerce manufacturing to logistics or any packaging industry, industrial label printers are unquestionable. 

Let’s learn the many benefits of the label printer for every industrial need.

  • Durable Use:

The label printers used in heavy industrial units are strong enough under extreme temperatures. Importantly, when other work is ongoing, it creates high humidity and heat from chemicals. 

  • Custom Label Printing Options:

The use of industrial label printers functions well with different industrial needs. Today, every label printer has a high-end interface with custom printing options. This allows you to plan your specific label needs accordingly. 

  • Efficient Use:

With the efficient use of label printers, you can always rely on these printers for on-demand printing, specifically when you require only smaller printing or when some printing tasks need to be done on priority.

  • Consistent Performance:

The best benefit of industrial label printers is their ability to provide label printing for consistent and reliable quality. The device runs for long working hours for back-to-back printing. You will likely see the consistency rate as smooth as during the first 3-4 hours. 

  • High-End Print Quality:

The high print resolutions of up to 600 dpi in industrial label printers are impressive for efficient printing. You can even use large label sheets or rolls with the label printers as it is designed with unique materials.

  • Cost-Effective Printing:

The cost of label printing seems substantial during the first investment. But it will be worth the purchase when you see its features running on a cloud connection. 

Best Label Printers In The Market

Now, let’s find out the best label printers available. 

  • Zebra Midrange ZT231 Printer

Zebra defines versatility and gives you peace of mind regarding consistent printing applications. The product features high-end printing technologies that work on a cloud connection. That means you can connect any additional app with the printer. 


  • Enable Speed printing with intelligent technology. In addition, the Zebra printing quality produces high-resolution printing, sharp images and precise labels. 
  • Thermal colour printing requires no ink cartridges, 
  • Energy-efficient printing with less power use
  • Zebra Midrange ZT411 Printer

The best feature of Zebra ZT411 series printers is their rugged exteriors that can fight off rough external environments. You will never have to consider the versatility as it integrates with intelligent software. 


  • Fits labels to a wide 10mm size 
  • Beautiful and robust all-metal exterior
  • Standard connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1, USB, Ethernet, Serial, Dual USB host. 
  • Graphical user interface for printer set-up and control.
  • RFID encoder labelling.
  • Ideal for barcode labels.
  • Zebras 170Xi4 Printer

This model of the Zebras 170Xi4 features a reliable LCD screen face that boosts more straightforward print navigation. In addition, the printer offers a 6.6-inch broad label at an extremely high speed. 


  • Multilingual LCD screen.
  • Flexible connectivity with simultaneous parallel and Ethernet.
  • Advanced ribbon label
  • Intelligent printhead system.
  • Zebras 110Xi4 Printer

The Zebras 110Xi4 series carries the legacy of the Xi4 series that meets all your printing requirements. Also known as the thermal label printer, the efficiency of speed combined with high resolution gives a seamless user experience. 


  • Increased printing speeds up to 365 mm with a comprehensive 14-inch label size.
  • High-resolution printing up to 230 DPI
  • LCD screen interface ensures easier printer use for different printing applications. 
  • Flexible connections through Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth. 
  • Media low-level LCDs.
  • Frequent Email alerts.
  • Ideal for large and small printing needs.
  • Use of RFID technology to decode data easily.
  • Zebra ZT420 Printer

The Zebra ZT420 printer speaks about supremacy with its intuitive design and cloud-based features. The printer is also equipped with all technologies that show sharp and cutting-edge printing quality.


  • All metal frame and bi-fold door.
  • Use cloud systems like Link-OS environment to access printer use and upgrades from anywhere worldwide. 
  • RFID capabilities.
  • Convenient to connect with Bluetooth 4.0, Ethernet, Serial, and USB port easily.


It is, therefore, clear that industrial label printers add comfort and extra convenience to speed up the printing production process. No matter your label requirements, you can always rely on any of the best label printers.

Consider your printing needs, issues with the current printing methods, and compliance rules before investing in any of these printers. Once you do that, you should be able to check if your needs align with your choice of printer.

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