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Relaxing Ways To Pass the Time In Western Sydney

Being such a vast area with so many exciting and interesting suburbs and locations, there is always something to see and do in Sydney’s West. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting the area, you won’t be short on ideas to occupy your time.

While there is fantastic nightlife and adventure activities you can get involved in, what if you just simply want to chill out? Here are a few ideas for you to enjoy the Western Suburbs in a more relaxed manner.

Have a Picnic in the Park

One thing the Western Suburbs is not short on is parks and nature reserves. They are everywhere, from small local parks, Botanic Gardens, parks along the riverbanks and enormous parklands and forests to explore.

If the plan is to simply chill out, what could be more relaxing than having a picnic in the park? Pack a picnic lunch or early dinner, bring a blanket and find a quiet and cozy spot on the grass by the edge of the water or under the shade of a tree. Eat a leisurely meal while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature all around you.

Drink Coffee and People Watch

The cafe scene is huge in the West, so you won’t have any problem finding a cafe to enjoy a hot or cold beverage. Many locals claim you can find the best coffee in Lidcombe, so you might want to try a Lidcombe cafe first, for coffee and people-watching.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for the best cafe in Lidcombe, Parramatta or anywhere out West, the coffee is going to be great and there will always be something going on around you for you to observe.

Take a Nature Walk

We mentioned the abundance of parks and nature reserves in the area, so a good way to chill out, unwind and also get some casual exercise is to take a walk through nature.

You might decide to walk along the banks of the picturesque Parramatta River or get up close and personal with nature by strolling through the Western Sydney Parklands.

If exploring nature is your thing, you’ll be spoilt for choice and options in Sydney’s West.

Scenic Drives

Taking a drive and drinking in the scenery can also be a very relaxing way to spend a day. It’s also a good way to get to know the area better. Aside from driving the city streets and seeing what’s happening around town, you could cruise west into the Blue Mountains. In fact, you could easily spend days exploring this stunning part of the country.

Go Kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboarding

With the Parramatta River, various waterways and many lakes in the Western Sydney area, there are loads of opportunities to get out on the water on a kayak or stand up paddleboard. The serenity of being out on the water is unbeatable and you’ll be able to take in the surrounding views from a totally new perspective.

This kind of activity also gives you some light exercise, further relaxing the body and mind. Some great lakes you could try are Lake Parramatta and Lake Burragorang. Even if you don’t venture out onto the water, it’s always nice to simply chill out beside the water.

Explore Local Bookstores and Libraries

Spend time browsing through local bookstores or libraries in the region. Discover new and interesting reads, immerse yourself in literature, or find a cozy nook to relax with a book. You could even find a book or two to take with you on that relaxing picnic in the park.

Libraries are always awesome places to chill out and there’s always something interesting to check out. They also provide an opportunity to learn more about the history of the local area.

Enjoy Some Art and Culture

You can visit art galleries and cultural centres in Western Sydney, like the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre or the Riverside Theatres on the banks of the Parramatta River in Parramatta. You’ll enjoy art exhibitions, live performances, comedy shows and so much more.

The Takeaway

There are loads of ways you can enjoy what’s on offer in Sydney’s Western Suburbs while also relaxing and chilling out at the same time. One thing you can be sure of. You’ll never get bored in Sydney’s West.

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