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What To Avoid When Applying For A Student Visa

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Each year, thousands of young Indians leave their homes to continue their education. The Bureau of Immigration (BOI) reports that 1,33,135 Indian students have moved away from their home countries for higher education this year, compared to 4,44,553 in 2021 and 2,59,655 in 2020. Several nations have granted an Indian student a visa to attend their universities.

Consider these five points if studying abroad is in your future, the main being to pay attention to Bajaj Allianz travel insurance online.

  • Insufficient Research

Lack of knowledge or adequate research on the university or subject of choice may result in further understanding or confusion, resulting in the student’s application being turned down. Students should prepare a list of questions before applying to study in a foreign institution so they can discuss any uncertainties or questions with the appropriate parties.

  • Using Fictitious Information On Your Application

It is logical to assume that a phoney application will be given preference over one with authentic credentials. However, you will later be let down because it will damage your reputation and make it impossible for you to be chosen. Increasing your credentials is not only against the law but also risks getting rejected from your top university.

  • Uncertain Of Courses College

Students must first decide what they want to study based on their aptitude and stick with it. Many students struggle when choosing a subject and university to attend. Colleges are considered in tiers rather than rankings by professional college counsellors. 

Official rankings are useful to gauge college quality if your goal is to attend the “best” college, but they have limited value otherwise. Creating your own tiers based on your specific requirements is more beneficial.

Try classifying colleges into three categories: reach, match, and safety.

  • Lack Of Understanding Of How To Obtain A Visa 

Due to ongoing socio-economic changes and political reforms around the world, many nations have had to modify their immigration and visa policies, which has significantly impacted people who want to study abroad. Although some countries, like Canada, have visa policies that are accommodating to students, recent immigration changes in the United States and the United Kingdom have made it much more challenging for students to pursue their studies in those nations. Therefore, before choosing where to pursue further education, it’s essential to stay current on the most recent developments in terms of student visas.

  • Travel Insurance Ignorance

Student Bajaj Allianz’s travel insurance online can lessen the likelihood of suffering financial losses while studying abroad. Academically and socially, studying abroad can be a great learning experience. A financial safety net, student travel insurance shields you from various risks, including emergency medical care and passport theft or loss and offers you many such 

benefits of travel insurance.

Make sure you are well aware of how to get your international travel insurance online. You can choose Bajaj Allianz travel health insurance if you want to protect your finances against health hazards during travel. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *

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*Standard T&C Apply 

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